Overcoming Anxiety and Panic Attacks

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Who is Anna Gibson Steel and how does her program work?



I have already seen two doctors and two consultants about my depression and overwhelming waves of panic, and, after more than a year of drugs and counseling, have seen no breakthroughs in the intensity or frequency of my attacks – in fact, it would be fair to say that I now seem deeper in the grip of my moods than before. I’m also concerned about the nature of the drugs I have been prescribed – including Prozac – and the dose was recently doubled! I was becoming increasingly concerned about the potential side-effects of the medication, and frustrated by the endless hours of talking through my condition with a series of earnest and well-meaning nurses, who have never experienced my symptoms. Aside from the time and the drugs, I was creating more anxiety around the very real possibility that I might lose my job, especially if my colleagues got to hear that I was on Prozac!

When I first heard about Ms Steel’s program, I confess I was skeptical – how could a ‘distance learning’ program help where so much ‘face-to-face’ therapy had failed? Nevertheless, I reckoned I had nothing to lose, and I was keen to learn anything I could to try to understand and cope with my attacks.

The video training is presented by Ms Gibson Steel, and she begins by sharing her personal struggles with panic and anxiety. From the get-go I realised that she understood what I was going through and that her first-hand experience was genuine.  Knowing that she has been there herself is incredibly reassuring, and this instantly builds your confidence in her.

Secondly, the therapeutic method she has developed doesn’t involve prescriptions or hours of counseling; it’s an amazingly simple, and extremely effective, physical action you can use to reverse your anxiety on the spot. This is demonstrated on video and easy to master for anyone. The immediate effects have to be experienced to be believed! Now it just seems to make sense to me that the physical sensation of panic should be lifted by a physical action!

Knowing that she has taught this trick to so many other clients who, like me, have tried so many other routes, means that her authority is huge.

The greatest thing for me was that I could just follow the video at home, without having to make an appointment or tell my story to yet another consultant!

I now feel an incredible sense of freedom from knowing that I can control my panic feelings or anxious thoughts anywhere, and I am working with my GP to get off all the prescription meds.

This system works – you don’t need to take my word for it- and I have no hesitation in recommending it.

How to Stop Panic Attacks

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Are you living in fear of irrational panic attacks?

Can they happen at any time, for no reason and without warning? And does the fear of losing control stop you doing things you love or going places you want to?

Is panic or the fear of panic ruling your life?


When you suffer from panic attacks, no-one seems to understand what you are going through, and if they have no understanding of what’s happening, how can they possibly tell you how to deal with it? It’s no use telling you to ‘just calm down’ -or even worse – ‘snap out of it!’

It’s not just an irrational fear or a moment of overwhelm, and definitely not something you can just be talked out of!

Well-meaning friends and family ,who have never experienced it, may try to calm you with words, and doctors prescribe pill  after pill to anaesthetize the effects,

but neither soothing words nor masking drugs can offer a solution.


Understanding the Real Cause of Panic Attacks – by  Someone Who has Been There!

You are not suffering from mental illness or a physical disease -it is simply the most primitive part of your brain trying to protect you

- and the survival instinct doesn’t understand words!

Drugs may temporarily appear to lessen the severity of the attacks, but, in the long run, they just add to the problem; and disguising the outward signs doesn’t make any attempt to resolve the inner cause!


The Breakthrough: Regain Control and Overcome Anxiety- without Medication

At last there is a real and reliable way to get to the root of what’s causing you to panic and to understand why it happens – and the great news is that you can master it for yourself!

Don’t let anxiety attacks or fear of them happening at the wrong time, hold you back.

Discover the 60 second panic solution -the key to gaining immediate control of the situation -anywhere at any time! The method has been tried and tested so extensively that those who have experienced its power are confident it will work for you too. Read the review here.


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