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Are your employees still getting injured 
in spite of what you doAre you confused about the best way to change unsafe attitudes and behaviors? Do you want to change or improve your Safety, Health, and Environmental Culture?

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What Is It?

The TOPF Organization has developed an innovative, practical, and comprehensive process to prevent accidents, injuries and incidents, on and off the job. Participants increase awareness of their roles and responsibilities for the safety of themselves, each other, and their organization. They are thus empowered to continually improve safety, health  and environmental performance.

What Are The Benefits?

The TOPF SAFOR PROCESS is designed to prevent accidents, injuries and incidents by eliminating behavioral risks. It utilizes a team approach to improving safety, health and the environment and provides all employees, both line and management, with the awareness, attitudes, behaviors and skills to manage and support themselves and others for continual improvement in  performance. They develop the ability to be self-observing and self-managing so that in the moment of choice – THEY CHOOSE SAFETY.

The TOPF SAFOR PROCESS enhances and complements other safety programs, activities, and strategies by providing a context of responsibility and a variety of skills for managing critical safety behaviors and issues. Our process contributes to the culture of an organization to the extent that safety , health, and the environment become, as they should be, essential elements in productivity.

What Are The Features?

Major Elements of The TOPF SAFOR PROCESS: 

  • S, H, & E Cultural, Attitudinal & Behavioral Assessment

  • All Employee Training

  • Leadership Training  

  • Employee Involvement Improvement Processes 

  • Internally Led Reinforcement Process 

  • Ongoing Coaching/Consulting 

  • Observation and Review Process (Optional)